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Lesson on Praying

Before you give that lesson please see the page on "The Art of Asking questions". Remember; " Questions only cost the time and effort to think of them and to plan for using them". Interaction with Analytical and Personlized questions, inviting them to think, imagine and interpret will be better than just Fact questions for discussion. 

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Boardgame for lesson review

Why do we pray?

Grade: First to Third grade

Goal: To understand how prayer helps us worship, and to want to talk to God every day.

 Arrival time

Play a game: "Who am I?"

Pin the name of a familiar Bible character by example, on each person's back; you can also included True Father.

The children are to discover whose name they are wearing by asking each other questions that can be answered by yes or no.

When a child discovers who he is, he may pin the name on the front of his clothing.

Alternative: You can use a pack of flash cards of characters from the Bible available from "Dollar stores" and asked them what do you think David (for example) pray about before meeting the Giant?

 Exploring time

"Aren't you glad to see that we have so many important persons with us today? Let's see... there's True Father, Moses, Joshua, David, Ruth, Jesus." (suggested examples)

How many of you "important people" can remember important things you prayed about? (Let the characters tell what they can remember.) Example: "Hannah, could you tell us what your prayer was?"(She wanted a son.) So did you have a son? (Yes) What was your son's name? (Samuel.) Does anyone remember where Hannah was praying? (Yes in the Temple. She and her family had gone there to worship God.)

What is prayer? (Talking to God.) Why do you suppose we should talk to God? (Let them answer then you add up your own). God is the only one who knows everything. He made everything. He can help us find solutions to our problems also. He loves us very much and wants to know what's in our heart. (You can elaborate more on the need for sharing between you and God, from both sides.) What are some of the ways people talk to God in church? (Let children respond.) "What is a silent prayer? (Yes, it's prayer we say inside. Other people can't hear it but God can. There are different kinds of prayer. Silence prayer, unison prayer, representative prayer, even a song can be a prayer. Each one is different way to express our heart to God. (You can discuss which one they prefer or which one do you think God prefer etc.) "When the minister, or someone else, is praying aloud in church, what is everyone else doing? (They are praying too.) (You can ask personal questions to them like "do you find it hard to pray in church with everybody? Do you prefer to pray in silence or loud? Etc.)

 Show a picture of a Primary child praying or demonstrate (you can ask someone to demonstrate also if he /she knows). Ask the children why people usually bow their heads, close their eyes, and fold their hands when they pray. (To keep out distractions, show reverence or respect for God.)

 "Some people stood to pray, some people kneel. (Put picture of someone kneeling to pray or ask someone to demonstrate).

And some bow as low to the ground as they could. (Show a picture or you can ask someone to demonstrate). Some people feel it is the most humble and appropriate position to talk to God.

Talking with God is very important to many people and they would do it often. Do you feel it's important to talk with God several times every day? Most of us have a "best friend". How often do we talk to him or her? If God loves us so much and is always ready to listen. (Just think about it for now.)

Demonstration: Knock, knock, knock, and the person run to answer the door so that she could find out who was on the other side and what he want.

Rrrrrring, pretend to answer the phone and say "Hello".

Imitate the sound of a Morse code message. What does that sound like? Yes, it's a radio signal. To send a message by Morse code is very difficult because a person has to learn the special code and then practice it. When we are talking to someone, we usually put our words in a certain order so that they make sense. When we pray, we often pray about more than one thing and sometimes we put our requests in order.

* Suggestion: For the little (Pre-K, K and 1).

You can use a flannel-board with words on

 "hard poster paper" glue temporaly to it

(with rubber glue, dryed before applied on board

or glue small piece of velcro in the back of the paper),

and add pictures next to those words, as examples.

The 5 Good Reasons to pray to God:


To cheer up God, tell Him how great he is. 


Just say thank you for all the good things he gave you.


 Say that you are sorry for the wrong things you have done.


For the people in need and for the people you love.


To find solution to your personal problems or if you have questions.


 Write or put on the board the word in big letter PRAISE (picture of people praising or singing)

 (Read Psalm 145:2) Explain the meaning of the word. (Compliments etc.) God is so wonderful and great that we never run out of things to praise Him for. What are some of them you can think of right now? What else should be in our prayers?

(Read Psalm 75:1) Yes, we should thank God for all He has done for us.

Write or put on the board the word in big letter THANKS (picture of flowers, food or family) Saying "thank you" is one way we show our love to God. There is something else we should tell God.

(Read 1 John 1:9) What is it? (Make them guest.) When we do wrong, we should talk to God right away and tell Him we are sorry. That is what it mean, "to confess" our sins.

Write or put on the board the word in big letter TO CONFESS (picture of child with bowed head) What else does this verse say? (God will forgive us.) Then we should also ask His help not to do that wrong again.

(Read 1 Timothy 2:1) We are to pray for others.

Write or put on the board the word is big letter PRAY FOR OTHERS (picture of teacher, True Family) Do you think you teacher need help from God? What about True Family? (Elaborate with the children, you can write their ideas on the white board.) God gives us a wonderful promise.

(Read John 15:7) God tells us to ask Him for our needs, and God promises to answer.

Write or put on the board the word in big letter ASK (picture of child reading Bible or DP book). But did you hear what we are to do before we ask? How can God's word "abide" (explain the meaning) in us? We should study God's Word and try very hard to obey what He tells us. 

 Activity time

 Ask the children when people can pray. Be sure their answers include: anytime, in the church, walking, at home, at play, before going to bed, at meals, etc.

List their replies on the whiteboardDiscuss how they may remember to pray at specific times.  Let each child think of a time and situation when he wants to remember to pray and draw a picture about it. Encourage the child to put it up (his drawing) in his bedroom, or else, in order to remember.



Draw a picture on a time and situation when the child wants to pray. Encourage the child to put it up (his drawing) in his bedroom, or else, in order to remember.