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     Jacob and Esau

 Learning Objectives: To know and understand the way Jacob had to restore the bad  relationship "Cain/Abel" by winning the love of his elder brother Esau.


   Abraham and Isaac became one and by faithfully obeying God's will, Isaac inherited the divine mission from Abraham and restored the foundation of faith. Next the work of Abraham's family to restore Adam's family continued through Isaac's two sons. For this purpose, Esau and Jacob had to be placed in the divided positions of Cain and Abel. Esau in the position of Cain (being the firstborn son) and Jacob in the position of Abel (second born son).


   Jacob and Esau were twins who began fighting in their mother Rebekah's womb. Rebekah asked God why it's happening, and God answered:" The two children inside you will become the fathers of two nations.  Just like the two are fighting with each other now, the two nations will struggle with each other. One will be stronger than the other and the older will serve the younger."

   Esau was the one who came out first. Jacob had to restore the position of Abel (God's side) by restoring and claiming the Birthright of the eldest son of the family. At the fall Satan had taken control of God's Creation, Jacob had to do certain conditions that would restore the Birthright of the first-born to God's side.  This is how Jacob took the Birthright from Esau. 

*Note: Jacob received revelation from God about the importance of getting the Birthright and the blessing from his father. He had to be clever and wise to get it from Esau but eventually he had to win Esau brotherly love in order to really restore Cain & Abel relationship.  This accomplishment was a model of restitution by indemnity, done with the right attitude, to bring a foundation to receive the Messiah in the future.

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