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Books, online resources and curriculum

SSL Board game

For Sunday School Lessons review

Excellent activity for Summer camp too.

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Any ideas ? Comments or stories ? Bring it out!

Summer camps

Lessons plans  

Games to review all your lessons

General topics: On worship / On praying / Restoration of the heart / On Golden Rule / On good character / On leader & follower /

Character Education lessons

Old testament: Adam & EveCain & Abel /  Noah / Abraham / Abraham offers Isaac / Jacob & Esau / MosesElijah

New Testament: John the Baptist / John baptizes Jesus / The boy Jesus visits to the Temple / Jesus Temptations / Jesus calls his first disciples / Jesus feed five thousand

Now Available

True Parents'life in 17 lessons, published in 6 books.

Also available; CD with Power Point Presentation, activity sheets, bookmarks, trading cards and board game. 

Teacher corner

"The Art of Asking Questions"

Teach by example

Ideas for AD students


Games & activities

22 good old fashion ideas

Big archive of free activities sheets 

For Pre-K /K

Create your own crossword sheets

Create your own word search sheets


Felt Board

With special features made by hand


Great Activities sheets on the bible

22 ideas for activities

Hundred of Puzzles/Wordsearch/Coloring pages on Bible lessons

(Each link has 5 to 9 activities sheets PDF)


Arts and Crafts

online craft ideas

Thanksgiving puzzle for Thanksgiving


Valentines Day


Mother's Day

Seasonal Art Craft

Do your own puppets

or Buy your set of puppets at a very cheap price

For Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and every day of the Year! 6 books in 1

My Favorite Artcraft book

Great links       

For activities / For lessons / For Art craft

Brief description of the main

World Religions